Sunday, August 8, 2010

a blog of reasonable neatness is born

do this: make neat-o-matic on
result: it worked!

do this: blog restart
result: success!

do this: decide on blog goal
result: "to share things I find and do that I think are kind of neat"

do this: check Kyle Palmer OS XXII status
result: got some stuff!
vital signs = normal
# of band-aids = 2
confidence = inclined
creativity = inclined
current posture = reclined
current consideration = bedtime
current goal = get income
employment = entirely lacking
outlook = positive
overall rating = "not bad!"

do this: check neat-o-matic status
result: got some stuff!
cleverness = iffy
gimmickiness = sizable
humor level = waning
neatness = unsupportable
outlook = unsound
overall rating = "um"

do this: make neat-o-matic off
result: it did it, but it's sad!

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