Monday, August 9, 2010

friend time, the first

Graduating college is weird. Suddenly, the vast majority of your friends aren't within walking distance. My advice is to have friends who are better at keeping in touch than you are.


My first neat thing on this blog belongs to my friend Justin Cassano. He is my first blog follower, so he earns spot #1. He's funniest man I know. I have trouble keeping up with him on my best days. I consider the times he breaks and laughs before me to be little triumphs in my life. He's a talented animator but also has an excellent illustration style, especially when it comes to altering the human form, or any other, for his characters. Look at this:

Tomorrow's featured friend and I spent the weekend at his Fortress at Battlesville, indulging in fine beer and food and entertainment (117, unrivaled). Also, adorable dogs de tulear, the newest one being the Grand Pep Pep, himself. I got to see the physical copy of the above illustration and told him I wanted a print. Just look at this guy! All the other times I've wanted to be able to see a specific drawing of an eskimo every day fall short of this time!

He posts other things that are neat here:
Go, and enjoy yourself.
(Justin, if you're the only one to see this, go to your own blog and enjoy it... 'MFF)

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  1. HEY! ... thanks kyle. this is not only kind of neat, but also very neat. and the grand pep pep approves. and the sir, well he says MFF.


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